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Commissioned by Almir and Delmar Mavignier in conjunction with the DAN Gallery in São Paulo

For information and recordings Visit the page/Besuche die Seite: The Helix Project 


An accidental setting of Rilke's "The Panther" to music.

This piece explores the relationship we have collectively to the digital comment threads we have created on YouTube. It specifically engages with the written misogyny and hyper sexualization that women are subject to in many of the comment threads one reads under a YouTube video. 

The construct of the piece is built around a setting of Rilke's poem "The Panther" to music. The musicians begin this on the stage as in a concert performance. However in the background the commentary of the music begins to seep into the piece. The text fragments used for the non Rilke narrative are lifted from real YouTube comments that can be read under numerous new music videos. Initially we find ourselves hearing a discussion concerning a critique of new music and the piece being performed. However at a certain moment the piece turns in on itself, as the comments become progressively more sexualized and insidious in their intent. The musicians on the stage find themselves incapable of continuing with the Rilke poem and begin to play a setting of the YouTube comments. Rilke's text is lost and all we hear are the bitter and ugly comments that are directed towards the women on the stage. 

Voice: Lisa Schmalz

Cello: Tristan Xavier Köster

Klarinette: Roman Gerber

Flöte: Daphne Meinhold

Komposition/Dirigent/Samples: Hector Docx

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