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01.09.-01.12.2023 Musiktheater/Opera Projekt
Kooperationspartner/In cooperation with TONALi

Tickets and Programme: LINK

24.08.2023 Konzert/Concert
Hamburg Kunsthalle

Tickets and Programme: LINK

28.06.2023 Uraufführung/Premiere New is Now
Wichern Schule

Projektveranstaltung/Project performance

20.06.2023 Uraufführung/Premiere New is Now
Gymnasium Meiendorf

Projektveranstaltung/Project performance

09.06.2023 Aufführung/Performance of Composition: wiedergutmachungsjude
Klinikumskirche zu Stralsund

Performance of my Song Cycle "wiedergutmachungsjude" 

11.04.2023 Uraufführung/Premiere New is Now
Gymnasium Kaifu

Projektveranstaltung/Project performance

17.04.2023 Premiere 
Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall

Aufführung meines Liederzyklus' wiedergutmachungsjude

Performance of my song cycle wiedergutmachungsjude 


Tickets and Programme: LINK

02.11.2022 Konzert/Concert 
TONALi Saal, Hamburg

Tickets and Programm: LINK

22-25.09.2022 Festival "Kulturtage Hedesleben" Concert/Premiere 
22.09.2022 Eröffnungskonzert/Opening concert 19:00
Kloster Hedersleben

Ein anarchistischer Bankier/The Anarchist Banker: Music and Performance based on the book by Fernando Pessoa

Hector Docx - Piano, Composition, Performance

Stephan Benson - Performance 

Stephan Benson/Christian Nickel - Direction

28.06.2022 Recording/Aufnahme 
Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn (WKO)


Recording of recently premiered work "Three Transfigurations for Orchestra"

28.06.2022 Gesprächskonzert/Lesung/Uraufführung "Das Leben der Anderen in Europa" Part 2
Große Bleichen 3, Hamburg

Concert with discussion around the topic of how new texts and new music can be used to express themes of identity and the experience of cultural minorities within Europe. The program includes the setting of the Text wiedergutmachungsjude by Daniel Gerzenberg to music in the form of an Art Song, as well as the setting of poems and texts by Simoné Goldschmidt Lechner to music in the form of "spoken Song/Sprechlied". 

Simoné Goldschmidt Lechner - Text, Performance

Hector Docx - Piano/Composition

Marine Madelin - Soprano

Daniel Gerzenberg - Text,Performance,Piano

08.06.2022 Konzert/Lesung "Neue Musik trifft auf Neue Musik"  Part 1
Große Bleichen 3, Hamburg

Ralph Tharayil - Text, Performance

Tanasgol Sabbagh - Text, Performance

Simoné Goldschmidt Lechner - Text, Performance

Hector Docx - Klavier/Komposition

30.03.2022 Uraufführung/Premiere "Heidelberger Frühling Festival - Lieder für das Jetzt"
20 Uhr/8 pm
Dezernat 16: Emil-Maier-Str. 16, 69115 Heidelberg

Premiere of a new composition for voice and piano

Tickets: "Heidelberger Frühling - Lieder für das Jetzt"

07.03.2022 Dreharbeit/Filming of an opera scene 
TONALi Saal, Hamburg

The filming of a newly composed opera scene "We.Bleed.Freedom:"

06.02.2022 Uraufführung/Premiere
18 Uhr/6pm
Markuskirche, Hannover

Premiere of a new work for orchestra "Filtrierte Tänze."

Conductor: Sönke Grohmann

Collegium Musicum 

14.01.2022 Concert "Non-Piano Toy Piano Weekend"
20 Uhr/8pm
Feldstraße 66 Hamburg

Premiere of a work by the composer Frédéric Verriéres: "Evening Harmony" for main pianist and three assistant pianists, electronics and dramatisation.

13.11.2021 Premiere/Uraufführung 
18 Uhr/6pm
Halle 424
Stockmeyerstraße 43 20457 Hamburg


A premiere of a new work for Guitar, Accordion and String Orchestra: "Transfigurations"

Commissioned by Lux Nova Duo as part of the "Hamburg Dialogues"

Karten und Veranstaltungsdetails/ Tickets and Concert Details: Here

23.-26.09.2021 Kulturtage Hedersleben

Place: Hedersleben Festival 

24.02.2021 "A point is where two lines meet"

Place: Hochschule für Musik und Theater - *Live Übertragung 

Time: 19Uhr/ 7PM

Concert of compositions by Hector Docx

05.12.2020 Little Symphony//new is now

Place: Kaifu Schule

Premiere of an orchestral work.

A project supported by the Claussen Simon Stiftung. 

19.-23.10.2020 Masterclasses and Concert: "European Soloists Festival"

Place: Online

Masterclasses in Composition and Piano with students of El Sistema.

Sep 26, 2020

Solo Piano Recital and performance of a new composition

Solo Konzert und Komposition Auffürung

Venue: Ahrensburg

Time. 19 Uhr


Program - Bagatelles as a Bridge:

Beethoven: Bagatelles op. 126

Fredrik Schwenk *1960: Bagatelles

Hector Docx: Bagatelles 


Hector Docx: "Helix" for Cello, Clarinet and Piano. 

Sep 25, 2020

Venue: Tonali Saal (Tickets available here)

Time: 18:00 and 20.00 (2 performances)


Beethoven: Bagatelles op. 126

Fredrik Schwenk *1960: Bagatelles (Premiere)

Hector Docx: Bagatelles (Premiere)

A recital that uses the form of the Bagatelle to bridge the worlds of Beethoven and new music. 

Was bedeutet uns Europa? // What does Europe mean to us?

This is the theme for this years cultural meeting and festival in Hedersleben, 

I will be performing a newly commissioned piano work for the festival in collaboration with

the two artists and actors Annie Dutoit and Alma Hasun. 

Aug 02, 2020

Festival Junger Künstler Beirut

Einladung auf das Festival um ein gemeinsames Werk mit anderen Komponisten zu schaffen und um einen Vortrag über Beethoven zu halten. 3.8.2020 - 9.8.2020

May 14, 2020

Caracas, Venezuela

Mozart Piano Concerto with the orchestra of 'La Systema'



Venue: Centro Nacional de Acción Social por la Música

Mozart Piano Concert no 15. in Bb Major

Apr 25, 2020

Uraufführung/Premiere of a new composition.


My new work "Helix" for Cello, Piano and Clarinet will be premiered.

Mar 24, 2020

Piano and Viola

Duo Concert



Venue: Alte Druckerei Ottensen, Hamburg

Time: 20.00/8 pm


John Dowland: If my complaints could passionsmove, Come again, sweet love

Hector Docx: 'Tears Re-imagined" (based on Dowland "Flow my Tears")


Benjamin Britten: Lachrymae op. 48 Reflections on a song of Dowland

Tristan Xavier Köster: p.p. (2019, Deutsche Uraufführung)

Franz Schubert: Arpeggione-Sonate für Viola und Klavier D821 a-Moll

Feb 16, 2020

The Day The Earth Smiled

Performance of a composition

Venue: Mulitfunktionsstudio in der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg

Time: 19 Uhr


My composition for electronics, piano, toy piano, kalimba and two typewriters will be performed in a composition festival in the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg. 

Jan 29, 2020

Rare Russian Composers Festival

Solo Concert

Venue: Pushkin House, London

Time: 19:30 /7.30pm

Jan 15, 2020

Viola and Piano

Duo Concert

Time: 19:00 / 7pm

Venue: Sibelius Academy Concert Hall, Helsinki

A concert with the violist Mari Viluksela

Works by Benjamin Britten, Hector Docx, Andrew Norman and 

the premiere of a new work by Tristan Xavier Köster

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