Compostions and Recordings

- "The Muses of Mnemosyne" (Link) 2019
Premiere: 7th July 2019, Hannover Lichthof, Conductor: Sönke Grohmann, Orchester der Leibniz Universität.
Commission: Collegium Musicum Hannover
- "Für diese Schweine keine Träne" (Link) 2019
Violin, Violin, Viola, Trumpet, Flute, Double Bass.
Premiere: 27th June 2019, Potsdam, Lindenstraße Stasi Prison.
Commission: "Kammerakademie Potsdam and the Foundation Lindenstraße Memorial." 
"The Day the Earth Smiled" 2019 (Link) 2020
2x Typewriter, Piano, Toy-piano, Kalimba, Electronics and Samples.
Premiere: 15th November 2019, Resonanzraum Hamburg.
Commission "Non Piano/ Toy Piano Festival"
- "Der Panther" 2019
Piano, Clarinet in B, Clarinet in B, Flute, Cello, Viola, Soprano, Trumpet. 
Premiere: 29th March 2019, Miralles Saal, Hamburg.
Commission: "Jugend Musikschule Hamburg."
- "As a Cave Cries" (Link) 2018
Soprano, Soprano, Cello, Viola, Oboe, Piano, Woodblock.
Premiere: November 7th 2017 Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
Commission: Shanghai Conservatory of Music.  
- "El Amor" (Link) 2018
Piano, Soprano.
Premiere: 3rd November 2018 in "The Nobodies of Venezuela."
"The Toys They Carried" (Link) 2018
Piano, Kalimba
- "Dissociative Fugue" (Link) 2018
Piano, Viola
"Wasteland" 2016