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The Day the Earth Smiled

Commissioned by the "Non Piano/Toy Piano Festival 2019"

Performed by:

Jennifer Hymer: Typewriter, Grand Piano, Kalimba,

Bernhard Forgrascher: Typewriter, Toy Piano, Kalimba

Hector Docx: Electronics

Thoughts on the composition:

Space, the Universe, the Stars, the Planets, the unimaginable. Some find the thought of such things daunting and intimidating. However, the idea that we exist in this vast, chaotic, beautiful and cruel Universe is a constant source of hope and happiness to me, because amidst all of that, we have created this: Humanity and its home - Earth. 


This piece was primarily inspired by two things. The first is a spectacular picture of our Earth, that the Cassini space probe took whilst orbiting Saturn - „The Day the Earth Smiled.“ The second is the recordings made by the Cassini probe of Saturn. Nasa translated the radio and electromagnetic waves into sound waves and as such we can ‚hear‘ the music of Saturn. I use two samples of these recordings within the piece. The other samples to be heard are all created using the sounds of the toy piano and kalimba. The text used in the piece is by Carl Sagan.  

Gedanken über das Stück:


Der Weltraum, das Universum, die Sterne, die Planeten - das Unvorstellbar. Manche fühlen sich entmutigt oder verloren wenn sie an solchen Dimensionen denken. Allerdings ist es für mich eine Urquelle der Hoffnung und Glück, wenn ich mir vorstelle, dass wir, in diesem endlosen, chaotischen, schönem und grausamen Universum existieren. Warum? Weil wir trotz des endlosen Nichts etwas erschafft haben: die Menschheit und ihr Heimat - die Erde.  


Das Stück hat drei Inspirationsquellen. Die erste ist ein spektakuläres Foto von der Erde "The Day The Earth Smiled"/"Der Tage die Erde lächelt". Das Foto wurde von der Cassini-Tiefraumsonde gemacht, während sie Saturn umkreist. Die zweite ist eine Aufnahme von Cassini. Nasa hat die Elektromagnetische- und Radiowellen ins Klang übersetzt und dadurch können wir quasi "hören" wir Saturn ist. Ich verwende zwei Samples von Saturn während des Stückes. Die letzte Quelle der Inspiration ist ein Text von dem Astrophysiker Carl Sagan, der im Stück zu lesen ist. 

Flow my Tears 

a fragmentation of Dowland  

Performed by:

Viola - Mari Viluksela

Paino - Hector Docx

Thoughts on the composition:


This arrangement of the Dowland song "Flow my Tears" is a re- contextualization of the original using a new palette of sound colours.The melodic and harmonic material is at times distorted or redistributed between the instruments. However fragments of the original melody occasionally shine through creating a bridge between old and new.

4 Bagatelles for Piano 

Performed by:

Piano - Hector Docx

Thoughts on the composition:


This set of Bagatelles was composed for a solo recital program in 2020. The program revolved around the Bagatelle as a form and featured the Bagatelles of Beethoven op. 126, a premiere of the newly commissioned Bagatelles by Fredrik Schwenk and this set of Bagatelles for prepared piano. The title of the program was "Bagatelles as a Bridge" and the new Bagatelles drew reference to those of Beethoven in some way. The 4 Bagatelles for Piano can be performed separately or in combination with the op.126 by Beethoven. 

1. - Reckless

2. - Andante cantabile (with lost grace) - Reflection of Beethoven op. 126 nr. 3. 

3. - Techno Dance

4. - Echo Dance

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